A Big Announcement for Next Level Church

Thursday, March 14, 2013
NLC, folks - a big announcement to make.

Mark (and hence Rene') Gillming will be leaving the NLC staff team (but not the hearts of the NLC family) at the end of this month.

After eight years on the ground helping to build NLC from scratch, Mark senses that his next, most fruitful steps professionally - whether in ministry or in business -  will be in another place. Because they are a team, that means we must say goodbye to Rene' as well.

Mark was the first staff member of NLC and over the years has had a variety of roles. At every step of the journey he has given heart and soul to our church and served it faithfully and well. He has been both a faithful leader and a follower. Most of all, he has been a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, one full of integrity and love. I am grateful to count him as a friend and to have served with him on staff and on our Directional Team. He is an extremely good man, who loves God and God's church.

Rene' had no intention of being a Children's Pastor. But, eight years ago, that is what NLC needed and she answered the call. The rest is history. A thriving children's ministry is the result of her sacrifice and service and that of her daughters in those early days and even today! Her ministry at NLC is a lesson in the fruit that can come from obedience when we step up and do something that God asks us to do, even when we wouldn't necessarily choose it.

There would be no NLC without the Gillmings. We will always honor and love them and we can't express enough gratitude in how they have served and led.

Because so many of you have asked, Harrison Gillming is not going anywhere. He told me this week he senses a deep calling to NLC for this leg of the journey and for that I am grateful!

There's no 'other story' here. We've had remarkably little staff turnover in our seven years as an existing church. Church experts tell us to expect more change when a church moves through weekly attendance of 1,000-1,2000 people, which is our scenario now. This is simply a new season for the Gillmings and a new chapter in their journey as a couple and our journey as a church.

I'll make the announcement on Sunday at Matthews Campus and then the following Sunday we'll all have the chance to say goodbye to Mark and Rene' together. They have graciously agreed to be with us through the spiritually significant and demanding Easter weekend.

And we'll have another exciting announcement about the future to make on Sunday as well!

But for now, join with me in immense gratitude and prayer for an incredibly special, legacy-creating couple - Mark and Rene'. I am so grateful for them.

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