My Sacred Place

Monday, June 17, 2013
So this is where I spend much of my time:

It's my desk in my home office/library. (In case you're wondering, it's Miranda's coffee mug, hence the "M"). It's not fancy

But this desk is where I write books and outline sermons, study the Bible, answer emails and make phone calls, pray, and think.

I pivot from this desk when the two year old crashes into the room demanding to be tossed on the couch to the right of the desk, from perilous heights.

I've had the desk for twenty years now and hope to have it until I no longer need a desk. When I had my friends and expert craftsmen Mike and Rich install bookshelves in the library, I had them match the shelves to the color and grain of this desk.

The desk has seen moments of joy and pain, laughter as I connect with people all over the world, and tears.

I love this desk.

It's a sacred place for me.

Every inch of the universe belongs to God so, in a sense, every place is sacred.

But as the ancient Celts reminded us, there are "thin places", places where we experience God with immediacy and intensity and intimacy.

Do you have that kind of a place?

I'm not giving you a Celtic idea, but a Biblical one - the Bible abounds with references to meeting God in mountains, seeing him reflected in the magnificence of the ocean, encountering him in valleys and meadows, even drawing near to him in places of corporate worship.

It's important to remember that every inch of creation is sacred, but also important to remember that one of God's good gifts to us is giving us special places where we seem to be able to sense him a little more closely and hear him a little more clearly.

What's your sacred place?

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