Why Not This Sunday?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
This Sunday, we'll be baptizing kids, students and adults.

Baptism is an incredibly significant spiritual step.

It says "I am identifying myself publicly as a follower of Jesus Christ, being baptized as he was, and also demonstrating to the world a symbolic picture of his death (going under the water) and resurrection (coming out of the water)."

For much of the history of the church, getting baptized could get you killed, because it was a sign to oppressive regimes that your primary allegiance was not to them, but to God.

Today, the only real cost for most folks is getting wet.

But that doesn't make the act of baptism any less significant.

If you've never been baptized, why not this Sunday?

We'll do it in the back parking lot just off the Lobby immediately after the 11 AM service. All you need is a change of clothes - we'll have towels and a lot of supportive people there for you. Baptism is always sort of a party at NLC!

It would be cool to know if you are coming in advance. You can let Kathy Risch know at kathyr@nextlevelchurch.org. But you can also just show up!

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