Weekend Preview: You're Not Alone

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Everything that grows, changes, and change involves transition. If you have lived long enough, you have gone through a lot of change and many transitions along the way, some big, some small. All of us have experienced the transition from Middle School to High School; many have experienced the transition from being single to being married; maybe you have experienced the transition from no kids to having kids or from a full house to an “empty nest”. 

Maybe your transitions have been a little less joyful like going from married to divorced, or from healthy to seriously ill, or from being together to being alone. Suddenly you find yourself in a transition that you didn’t choose, and you know that eventually life will probably get back to normal. But right now it is a major transition and you didn’t ask for it and it is uncomfortable and it is stressful and it is painful and it has left you feeling very alone.

There is a sense of panic because the structures that were so familiar have changed and life isn’t predictable anymore. All of a sudden your values have begun to reshuffle, your priorities are having to change. And, if you’re a Christian, you might be looking up to God and asking, “God, where are you?”

There is Good news if you are going through a major transition right now; God is right there with you in the middle of your transition. If there is anything that the Bible is consistent on, and my experience and your experience bears it out, it is that our God is right in the middle of your transition. And what he wants to do in and through you at this time, he could never do at any other stage of life.

This weekend at Next Level Church, we are going to be looking at a story of a man who spent most of his early life going through some major transitions. He begins with “everything”, then loses it all, gets back to the top only to be shoved to the bottom again. Once more he rises up, but that is short lived and he is forgotten and left in his desperate situation all alone. Finally, he gets back on top again with an opportunity for “pay back”. And in each transition along the way, he does something that I think is important for us to remember (especially when we are going through tough times). 

What did he do? Come to Next Level Church this weekend to find out - or just wait for the Monday Weekend Recap :)

But it is safe to say, if you feel alone or are going through some tough transitions, you don’t want to miss what the Bible has to teach us about transitions this weekend. Likewise, if everything is going great, you will want to be here too because the principle that we are talking about applies to us in good times and in bad.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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