Why Life Groups?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
The founding passage on which Next Level is based is Acts 2:42-47.

We teach on it at least twice a year. It describes the amazing experiences of the earliest church while they were turning Jerusalem and the world upside down.

One of the most striking phrases in the passage is where it describes these early Christ-followers not only meeting for corporate worship but also in their homes, sharing meals and living life together.

That's why we focus so keenly on Life Groups at NLC.

You can't get the spiritual vitamins you need from showing up just on Sunday morning.

We never want to load down your calendar, but you need three things to have a great church experience:

1. A Life Group where you live life together with a small group of others, sharing in all the good and the hard in life, praying together, making friends, studying the Bible.

2. The Sunday morning experience, where you worship with others and hear the Bible carefully taught.

3. A place of service, where you are using the spiritual gifts and abilities you have been given by God to serve others.

Recent research tells us that the number one predictor of happiness at a church is not the music, the preacher, or the physical plant but rather the affirmative answer to this question: "Do I know the names of at least seven other people - and do I know them as people?"

Life Groups are the best way to get there!

This is Life Group sign-up season. You can do it online at www.nextlevelchurch.org or in the Lobby for the next few weeks. Whatever you do, just do it!

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