Coffee Mornings

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
The mountain air in Colorado makes me stop just to breath and to listen to the new sounds of  the unfamiliar. The quiet forces me to listen more intently. The common sounds made in the trees and ponds go unnoticed unless I stop long enough to really listen. 
God really wants to speak to us. He has given us the Bible to help us hear his voice. To follow Him. To hear Him. 
We must stop. We must force ourselves to pause. Sometimes early in the day or later in the evening is better. Set aside a time. Get to quiet place. 
Jesus often went away to be alone. Paul taught the church to "study to be quiet." 1 Thess. 4:11. 
So work at it. We will hear Gods voice when we are quiet and listen. His Word, the Bible, will guide us. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Take a moment and think about this verse Ecclesiastes chap 5 verse 2.
Take a sip...
Reflect...take a step!


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