One Church, Multiple Locations

Sunday, January 13, 2008 1 clicked here to leave a comment
Language is important. The words we use shape our perception of reality - and the perceptions of those we are talking to.

So, I want to be really clear about some language we are using as we talk about the launch of our Stone Creek Campus.

One church, multiple locations.

We are not starting a new church.

We don't have a "main campus" and a "satellite campus".

People who will move to the Stone Creek Campus are not leaving Next Level.

We are one church with multiple locations.

When you go to one of the Project 485 campuses you are not giving up anything in the way of quality or expectations you have when you come to the Matthews Campus.

Same worship set. Same teaching. Same Kid City and Studio 45. Same Middle School ministry.

The difference?

We are moving the Next Level experience closer to more people. But it is the same experience.

One church, multiple locations.

And I can't wait...

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  • Imperfect said...

    we love dan southerland here in south florida.
    dan has come several times and we always look forward to see him again.
    you are very blessed to have him.
    Church By The Glades Loves Dan!

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