BLINK, And Don't Miss It

Tuesday, January 01, 2008 1 clicked here to leave a comment
Happy New Year!

January 1 is one of my favorite days each year because of one tradition. Early in the morning, before football starts, I read through my journal from the previous year and offer the year up to God...then I start a new journal with reflections, goals, and hopes and dreams for the New Year.

I just finished the 2007 reading part. Wow, what a year! I hit some goals I was shooting for and woefully missed others. I had some of the conversations, went some of the places, read some of the books that I hoped to and missed out on others. After I finish blogging, I'll sit back down and craft all of that for 2008. I can't wait for the year!

One of the things that struck me in reading through 2007's journal was the importance of the decisions we make. Decisions about priorities, values, relationships, work - - LIFE. The quality of the life we live is largely shaped by the quality of the decisions we make.

That's why I am pumped that we are starting the New Year with a teaching series called BLINK - which is all about how to make great decisions about the things that matter most when the pressure is turned on high...and in our lives the pressure is turned on high most of the time.

I can't wait to dive back in to teaching, but I need you to do your part - GET PEOPLE HERE!!

Whether or not a person is spiritually-minded or even interested in church, you can bet they would love practical help for making better decisions - and we are doing all we can do to create an environment where they will feel comfortable and even excited.

Our job is to create that environment; yours is to invest, invite, and bring!

Who are you bringing to BLINK?

The answer to that question may represent one of the best decisions you ever make!

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  • Anonymous said...

    Good thoughts, Todd! The BLINK series is going to be fun and thought provoking and challenging at the same time. Should be a great time to bring our unchurched friends.

    Don't BLINK or you will miss it! (Sorry - could not resist.)

    Dan Southerland

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