Bittersweet Start, All Sweet Finish

Monday, January 28, 2008 0 clicked here to leave a comment
Yesterday was a little bittersweet because our Ballantyne folks were on the Matthews campus for the last time on Sunday morning (they will do a run through in Ballantyne next week and then LAUNCH on February 10!).

It was awesome to see them lined up front as we commissioned them, but a little sad knowing that we won't be rubbing shoulders with some amazing folks week to week.

I felt it a little during the day.

But it all got better at Leadership Community last night when I was reminded that at our once a month leadership gatherings (which are my favorite meetings in the world, by the way) we will have leaders from ALL of our campuses, forever and ever!

Hey, it's worth being a leader at NLC just to get to come to Leadership Community.

More on the whys and whats of Leadership Community a little later...

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