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Friday, January 18, 2008 1 clicked here to leave a comment
Still reeling (in a great way) from this insane week.

The ripples from the shotglass outreach continue to spread (we are in most major newspapers and the story has broken internationally). We will have camera crews from major media outlets covering the actual shot glass outreach tomorrow night.

But as of this morning, my focus is way OFF the media stuff.

It's time to execute.

Here's what I am thinking about:

1. Praying hard core for our Ballantyne folks who will be doing the distribution tomorrow night. Pray that they will have great conversations, pray for folks in the bars to agree to come to the Ballantyne Campus launch on February 10, pray for continued favor from the bar owners (Robbie has done a great job paving the way and cultivating relationships with these guys).

2. Pray for Sunday. We go all out every Sunday to create an environment where disconnected people can connect to God but this Sunday we are going all ALL OUT. I have totally revised my message. The music will rock. Our volunteers have been working overtime to insure that we are double-covered in all critical areas. We'll have security on site. It should be a HUGE day.

3. I am wondering who you are praying for and bringing. Get. Them. Here. Sunday.

We'll do our you always do, Next Level, I know you will do yours!

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  • Anonymous said...

    Hey guys,

    This is Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Florida. Heard about what you're doing and love it! We're praying for you and believing for great things!!

    Your Friends,

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