Ballantyne Launched!

Sunday, February 10, 2008 2 clicked here to leave a comment
After all of the planning, praying, and dreaming it was hard to believe this morning that the day was here.

Regardless of what happened - whether tons of people came or crickets were chirping; whether the technology worked or whether it was Cody and an acoustic guitar - we were set up to win because of the energy and passion of our volunteers.

So, what happened?

Quite simply, our best case scenarios, our biggest dreams were...


-We put out more chairs than we thought we needed - and ended up bringing in multiple more rows of chairs.

-The band was insanely good.

-There were only two open parking spots (Ruh roh).

-We had the single highest adult attendance ever at EITHER of our campuses (yes, more adults than ever in a Matthews service...I still can't wrap my brain around that one).

-There was an incredible, mobilized army of volunteers in hospitality, set up and tear down, Wi Fi, Kid City, Studio 45. At one point, at multiple stations, kids and parents were three deep waiting to check into Kid City!

The technology worked (well, we did blow a circuit breaker or thirty and lost some lights, but oh well)...
But the latter only happened because some of our guys were trouble shooting till nearly 1 AM this morning...

And, best of all:

-There was an absolute flood of new faces, doubtless many disconnected people, who now have a home in Ballantyne.

It was just such an insanely expectation-shattering day that I am going to leave this post short and blog more tomorrow (I am exhausted, and I only preached on video!).

This is day one of a dream - Project 485 - a city encircled with campuses where people are connecting to God, living life together, and giving themselves away.

Thanks to all of you who played a part - you are amazing.


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  • Anonymous said...

    Yes it was all that it could be and more. A full parking lot and a full house of new and some old faces but I'd like to suggest a few things. I could not see the monitors good enough so that I could read the words to sing along with the wonderful band and singers. They need to be a little higher. There where a lot of very tall people in front of me. Even though the band was great maybe at least one musical selection could be toned down some for us older folks. Maybe something like from John Tesh or Amy Grant. Just a suggestion.
    The sermon was interesting but I would of preferred seeing you personally do it in real time and not from a screen. I hope we will have some real time sermons from all of our misisters.

    All and all everything was great. Even though I will miss the Matthews church I will probably continue going to Ballantyne.

    Congratulations on a job well done and God Bless and Thankyou

  • Jim Korth said...

    I'm sure Starbucks is gonna be really busy this weekend with all those people using their gift cards! What a great start and what a great week at NLC!

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