One Week Till Launch

Monday, February 04, 2008 2 clicked here to leave a comment
Yesterday, our Ballantyne folks were in Ballantyne for the first time - those guys went at it all weekend for set-up and then run-through for the big launch next week.

And somehoe - even though there was no publicity and it was a practice service, there were first time visitors.

I missed lots of familiar and very loved faces on Sunday.

But that was balanced by the crazy number of new faces on the Matthews campus. Where are all these people coming from?!

Hey, make sure you are praying with me for the Ballantyne launch this week, particularly this one thing:

At the end of the practice service, the 133 people there wrote down the names of people they are inviting to launch, laid them on the stage, and committed to praying for them this week. Pray that those folks will come, that there will be overflow space needed, and that many disconnected people will begin their journey back to God this coming Sunday.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Todd, I had two visitors in my K-3 class and the coolest thing happened when he left ... when he got in the hall he looked at his mom, raised his hands in the air and yelled "that was AWESOME!" Even with our technical glitches God rewarded our efforts! THAT is what it is all about and why I am excited to be a part of this.

    Eddie Socha

  • Todd Hahn said...

    Eddie, first, the amazing thing is that we had visitors for a walk thru!! Second, that IS awesome - and you guys are too. You have meant so much to us at NLC and thanks for your pioneer spirit and willingness to go and serve Ballantyne kids like you have done so well serving Matthews kids!

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