A short exposition: Life Groups and their awesomeness

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 1 clicked here to leave a comment

Let me tell you why Life Groups are awesome.

1)You can be real at a Life Group and not worry about people gossiping or thinking less of you. It usually doesn't take long to realize that everyone is as messed up as you are, so no worries!

2)All of the Life Groups start at the same time, so everyone is "new" at once. If you come from the beginning, you don't have to worry about being the odd man out because everyone is new at the same time. (Crap, I'm at 132 words...)

3) Finally, Life Groups are awesome because they are for everyone! Obviously, my sister isn't going to want to come to my Fireside group and smoke a cigar, but she would like to meet with girls and have a cup of tea. Different types of people, different Life Groups. We've got you covered!

Therefore, I have proven the awesomeness of Life Groups. Join one soon! (Click here!)

(Yes! Under 200!)

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