Commitments Leaders Make

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Harrison was dead right - Leadership Community was an awesome time Sunday night.

130 of NLC's key leaders and volunteers - what better room to be in?!

Among other things, we talked about NLC Three Leadership Commitments, the things we ask all leaders to commit to.

In this intense ministry season coming in the next weeks, it is good to revisit them:

1. Interact with God regularly through Scripture and prayer. We can't lead well unless our spiritual tanks are full and we are growing in relationship with Christ.

2. Invest and invite. We have to lead the way in building friendships with disconnected people and getting them to NLC where they can hear about the God who loves them beyond measure.

3. Tithe. Faith and faithfulness go hand in hand and we can't be who God means for us to be spiritually unless we are living lives of radical generosity.

I am so glad to be part of a leadership team that believes in and lives out these commitments!

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