Tuesday, September 02, 2008
What a great Sunday this was! We baptized eleven people after church on the Matthews Campus and it was an amazing scene. Baptism is an ancient and sacred practice that is wholly relevant to us today because it represents being buried and raised with Jesus. In fact, in the early church, Baptism was a huge deal because it meant you were publicly identifying yourself with a belief system that was controversial at best! We don't face that same persecution today, but it's pretty cool participate in a ritual that is so rich with meaning and symbolism. 

To everyone who was baptized- thanks for taking the plunge! (I guess the pun was mildly intended... bad, I know...)

To everyone who came and watched- thanks for supporting those who were baptized!

To those who are interested- there will be another Baptism on the Stone Creek campus this next month... stay tuned for updates!

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