Our Only Growth Strategy

Monday, December 01, 2008
It is a fairly common question - "What has fueled NLC's growth in the three years you have been in existence?"

Common question - easy answer.

It is when our people invest, invite, and involve.

NLC people are great at investing in the lives of their friends who are disconnected from Christ and the church. They make relational investments of time and care; spiritual investments of prayer. We try to help by offering a very simple church calendar so people have time to build and cultivate relationships.

NLC people know that Sunday mornings are a safe place to bring disconnected friends so they are free to invite their peeps to come, knowing that they won't be embarrassed or forced to cringe when Sister Eunice sings off key or the "oh, so cute" kiddies caterwaul during the children's sermon or when the pastor is a short, balding guy.

Uh...strike that last one.

NLC folks also involve their friends in Life Groups and in community service projects, knowing that in our culture many people choose to belong before they believe.

There has never been a better season for invest/invite/involve than the one we are in right now.

Mint Hill still smells like a new car.

Ballantyne is moving locations this coming Sunday so there is a bit of a new car smell there as well.

We are just weeks from completing the new auditorium in Matthews.

And it is Christmas time, one of the times of year when people are the most open spiritually.

So it is a great time to ask the question: who are the people you are investing in, inviting, and involving at NLC?

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