Pigpen in the New Auditorium

Friday, December 12, 2008
It's funny how different people are just wired up differently by God to enjoy different things. This comes out the most clearly when we are under pressure, like say, when we're trying to be in a brand new auditorium by Christmas Eve!

I definitely learned something new about how Will Dogget (the Ballantyne Campus Worship Pastor) is wired up this week. That would be him on the left completely covered from head to toe in dirt. Someone had to go into a tiny crawl space underneath the stage to run some cables and help install cable terminals into the floor of the stage.

Will is the man! I swear to you when he was done he looked just like Pigpen from Peanuts because there were wisps of dust and dirt rising off of him the entire day. Constantly! And you know what's funny. That NLC shirt he is wearing is the one he changed into because his first shirt was too filthy. Ha! It is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of volunteers and contractors working their butt off to make sure that we all have an incredible place to bring our disconnected friends to on Christmas Eve at 7pm. So we've gotta get back to work, but we'll see you there!


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