Friday Notes [Todd]

Friday, August 07, 2009 guys are amazing! 320 of our backpacks for the Rock Rest kids were taken this past Sunday, getting us well on our way to 560. Let's roll them all out of there this coming Sunday!

-This week is round two of "The Things We Do", with a focus on baptism. Killer service and a great worship set - this would not be a good week to miss (are there any?)

-Stunning that the newspaper this morning featured an article on "back to school shopping". Are you kidding me?

-Have you been to Starting Point? It is THE portal (love the word "portal", almost as much as I love the word "TUNDRA" and dislike the word "SPIDER") to involvement at NLC. Next one is Monday the 17th at 7 PM (childcare provided). Plus, you get magnets and stickers and stuff.

-Baptism on the 16th! Let us know if you want to be a'll have the chance on Sunday to sign up as well.

-Over the top excited about our fall launch series called "Legendary" beginning August 23rd...MUCH more on this next week. Already be thinking and praying about whom you are gonna invite!

-NLC vets will want to know this - Dan Southerland will be teaching on August 16th. If you are new to NLC, Dan was one of our founding pastors and hands-down one of the best teaching pastors in the country. Don't miss him being here!

-Did you guys know Harrison is getting married in eight days??

-OK, back to work...have a great Friday, all!

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