Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Are. you. ready...can. you. feel. it...the BIGGEST SERIES OF THE YEAR IS HERE...it's time for...L E G E N D A R Y!!!

Normally, we would say something like "don't miss this incredible new series..." But instead, it's better to say "don't let ANYBODY YOU KNOW miss this series!!!" If you or someone you know is in any way unsure about the idea of coming to church, then this series is for you! We guarantee you will have an absolute blast finding out how to live a life thats...well...legendary!

Basically, here's the deal...

Everybody wants to live a life that won't be forgotten...a life that leaves a legacy long after they are gone. But in reality, just trying to make it to the the next day is often tough enough...much less living a LEGENDARY life! Well, at NLC, we get that. So we want to help walk you through some practical steps you can take (even in a hectic life like yours) to leave a lasting legacy on this world! Plus, we'll be pulling out all the stops when it comes to music! We'll be featuring tunes from legendary rock and roll icons like SKYNYRD...AEROSMITH...U2...& HENDRIX! Yep...you heard right...in a church!
It all cranks up this Sunday, August 23. So make sure not to miss it...but more importantly, make sure no-one you know misses it either...by the way, who are you inviting?

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