Monday Reflections [Todd]

Monday, August 24, 2009
I'm trying to write a 'download' post every Sunday night, but yesterday morning at Next Level was so off the charts great I wanted a little more time to process it all...

-First, what a launch to Legendary on an unexpected Sunday. You see, in 'churchworld' the last Sunday before school starts back is typically a very low attendance and low energy Sunday as people gear up to get back in the routine. Instead, we had the highest energy in the history of Next Level and an amazingly high attendance number. Believe it or not, we have grown significantly in attendance every single week in August - in twenty or so years of church ministry I have never once seen that. God is up to something big and I am so pumped for this Fall!

-What more is there to say about the band's rendition of "Freebird" but wow. When you get unprompted standing ovations and glow sticks tossed at you, you know it's a good morning!

-God is up to something in this church. Standing on the stage teaching, it is impossible not to be able to sense a spiritual pulse - whether it is flat, normal, or crackling. Lately it has been crackling. I am just praying that we stay out of God's way.

-Last count we got all of the Rock Rest bookbags except for 35! That is amazing! Way to go - let's get every single one in.

-You saw the teaser for Give Love Away 2009...much more to come each week, culminating on October 11. Can't wait to tell you ALL about it.

-Sorry about the cameras - we had no shots of the band or the teacher which I know disconnects those of you in the back a bit. They were working fine on Saturday and then fritzed out on Sunday morning. We're doing everything we can to fix them so that the experience on Sunday morning will be everything it can be.

-Who are you investing in and inviting for this week of Legendary? Heads up - this message will be as clear a presentation of the Gospel as I know how to bring...GREAT time to have friends there...and, yes, there will be another legendary classic rock tune!

-Hoping and praying that hundreds of parents are taking seriously the call this morning to LEAD your kids in pursuing wisdom, trusting in the Lord, and prioritizing their spiritual life. Our kids can be world-changers if we do everything we can to point them in a God-direction.

I can barely contain my excitement about the coming weeks. It is going to be an amazing Fall, Next Level!

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