Wednesday, August 26, 2009
It seems I never like to answer that question honestly. My wife and I are unequivocally the worlds WORST judges when it comes to how many miles our cars can continue to operate after the "LOW FUEL LIGHT" comes on! We have ran out of gas more times in the last few years than most will in their entire lifetime. So, hands down, no discussion needed, we are the worlds worst when it comes to determining when we need fuel! And for some reason, it always seems as though we run out within a mile or so from the gas station! (Helpful Hint: Never ride with either on of us on long distance trips...or around town for that matter, you may not arrive at your destination!) But, i digress...

Anyways, although we know volunteering @ NLC is an absolute blast, sometimes volunteering every Sunday, coupled with a few hectic weeks in our personal lives, can sometimes wear us down. We know, that there are times, when many of us just wish we could come to church, relax, and enjoy. We totally get the fact that there are times in all our lives when we need to be able to come, and just, well, refuel! The problem is, like me, many of us would never admit we need fuel. Many of us would just keep pushing hard on empty, until eventually, we run out! So, if you volunteer @ NLC, or just have become a very regular attender as of late, we want to give you the opportunity to do what so many of us need to do...refuel!!!

Last year, we designed an all-new worship experience just for volunteers & regulars...called FUEL! It's a place you can come, and not have to worry about Kid City, or greeting, or the tech booth, or parking cars. It's a place you can just come, sit down, relax, and spend an hour or so getting your own personal tank topped off! The staff will take care of everything...this is a night for you! We will enjoy authentic worship together, hear some important news on some amazing things coming up in the life of our church, hear some encouragement from Pastor Todd, and spend some time with some of the folks from your particular ministry area. We try to have this experience once every couple of months. It's a place to regroup, refocus, re-energize, and most importantly...REFUEL! Our Next FUEL is @ 6pm, Sunday Night, March 21st...see you there!


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