Wednesday, October 28, 2009
This past weekend, we spent some time talking about Moses... you know, the guy who helped free Israel from slavery in Egypt. Most people who know of Moses think he was probably some big, brave, type-A leader guy, smart and handsome with big biceps.

The Bible doesn't comment on the biceps, but Moses was anything but a brave, driven leader. He had some serious doubts as to whether God could use Him. He didn't believe that he was good enough to be used by God, he thought he was unable to be the kind of leader for such a big task.

He didn't have the greatest past, either. Identity confusion, homicide... not exactly the ingredients for the person to lead God's people out of Egypt.

In the end, Moses wasn't doubting himself, I don't think. He was doubting that God was strong enough to use someone as messed up as him.

We did a song this weekend called "Doubting Thomas", and it had some lyrics in it that were pretty powerful. The songwriter wonders what awaits on the other side of the grave, and whether he even believes enough in God to do anything about it. He says, "Can I be used to help others find truth when I'm scared I'll find proof that it's a lie?"

How honest is that?

Here is the dare for this week: I dare you to trust God. I dare you to try something that would only work with God's help.

You are the only limit to what God can do through you, so step out there and see how far God wants to take you. One thing is for sure... the adventure will be worth the risk!

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