The Reason for Pastafarianism

Thursday, October 22, 2009
So we totally referenced the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) in the service Sunday and it was pretty hilarious. Besides all the great feedback about God working in people's hearts and lives through the sermon, I also had more than a few people tell me they really appreciated the joke about "pastafarianism." (If you missed it, click here to here Sunday's Sermon Online)
Normally, I wouldn't bring it up again, except this time almost everyone said the same thing. They either said, "I brought a friend with me and not only did they hear the gospel, they had a great time, too!" Or they say, "I work with ______ and I wish she could have been here, she would have loved that!"
The reason that we teach in the style that we teach, the reason that we worship in the styles that we worship, the reason that we try to use humor to convey serious spiritual truth and put people at ease is because we strive week in and week out to create a safe environment for people far from God to hear a dangerous message. We work tirelessly to create a place where you will never be embarrased to bring a friend, co-worker, or family member. We strive to speak in such a way that makes sense those distant from God or church .
So my encouragement to you is this: as we work hard to create those environments, work hard to invest in the lives of people disconnected from God or His church. Help connect them to God and His life-changing message at Next Level Church.
This next week we're digging into the life of Moses during our new series I Dare You. So bring a friend and partner with God as He changes their life.

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