South Africa Trip Update

Thursday, July 22, 2010
This great update is from Heather Kirk, one of the folks on our South African mission trip. Keep praying for these guys!

Hello every one! Thank you for your prayers! This place is amazing, God's glory and power is shown on a daily basis! This week we have been staying outside of Cape Town at a place called JAM (Jambaloni African Ministries) in the mornings we have been doing some sight seeing. Today we visited the tip of the continent, The Cape of Good Hope, it was beautiful! But more important than that we have been going out on ministry teams to the slums of the area. It has been truly heartbreaking to see the children running around with rags on and no shoes. They get so excited to see us and spend every moment hugging and playing with us. We share with them how much God loves them and pray for them as we spend time with them. After that we go into people's homes and ask them how we can pray for them. God is truly at work in these places.

One really cool thing is how God is raising up a generation of young South Africans that have a desire to have hearts like God and have hearts that break when God's heart breaks. They tell us they learn from us but we have a lot to learn about their passion and love for God and God's people! Keep these young Africans in your prayers, they are changing the world!

We are heading to East London where we will be working with an orphanage. Continue to pray for us, not just safety but effectiveness.


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