Sunday Reflections

Sunday, July 18, 2010
-GREAT morning at NLC this morning, wrapping up "Against All Odds". There are few subjects I am more passionate about than leaving a legacy. I have a huge dream that NLC will be a church of people looking to leave a God-sized legacy. Remember the big idea from this morning: Leaving a great legacy is when you leave only the best parts of yourself behind. And you do that by investing in people and by living a life that creates a spiritual thirst in others.

-Do YOU need to find an Elijah or Elisha in your life? If so, what are you going to do about it THIS week?

-No Pastor Doug was not on campus this morning, but he has not yet left the building! He was teaching at another church today. Next Sunday we will say our goodbyes to Doug and his family. You will NOT want to miss being at NLC for that!

-After a 24+ hour delay due to weather issues the first part of our South Africa mission team is in Germany! The rest of the guys left this afternoon...please be praying for safe travel and keep checking back here to get updates.

-I was so wiped out this afternoon that I napped through the finish of the British Open. I do think it is cool that a South African cat won on the heels of the World Cup being in South Africa and us sending a team over there!

-LOVED the Ben Folds song Pastor Harrison pulled off this morning. Love when we can use a song as a counter-example to principles of the Gospel. We are committed not to fighting against our culture but rather looking for reminders and glimmers of God in the culture and using artistic expression to point people to Truth. Harrison does such an amazing job of finding those reference points!

-Miranda found Cheerwine-frosting-filled Krispy Kremes at the Harris Teeter next to us so I will finally get to experience these little round fried nuggets of bliss. Only problem is that we are also having a from-scratch Red Velvet cake (and I mean FROM SCRATCH) per Justin's request as a late birthday present. There will be a serious workout tomorrow!

-So glad to get to do life and ministry at NLC. I know I say that a lot, but you guys have no idea how much I mean it, and how pumped I am about our future together. God is doing amazing things in and around us!

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