What's The One Word You Need To Hear?

Friday, July 30, 2010
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle" - Plato

Plato's words are truly wise - which is what, I suppose, made him Plato. Every one of us is fighting a battle of some sort or the other all the time.

Many times the pressures of battle can be relieved with just one word. But it has to be the right word, perfectly honed and aimed straight at the heart.

The word might be "hope". Or "peace". Or "forgiveness". Or "fight". Or "begin".

But there's a word that you need to get you going or keep you going or redirect you or change you.

The best source of that word is God's Words...contained in the Bible and in Him speaking to you as you get to know Him better and better. The Holy Spirit is an absolute master of the right word at the right time if we listen.

But God also uses us in the Body of Christ to speak those words of hope, challenge, encouragement to each other.

So, I'll pull a switch on you. As important as the question "what's the one word you need to hear?" is, try focusing on this one:

"What's the one word someone close to me needs to hear...and how soon can I say it?"

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