The Tithe Experiment

Thursday, November 04, 2010
On November 14th, NLC is doing something we've never done before.

It all started by asking a series of "What If?" questions.

What if God wanted to bless the financial lives of the folks of NLC in unbelievable ways, even in a time of recession?

What if everyone at NLC put God first in our financial lives?

What if our community - Union County and South Charlotte - experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of NLC's outpouring of generosity?

These are not hypothetical what if's. These are the things that would actually happen if we as a church committed to the biblical principle of tithing - which says that the first ten percent of the income God blesses us with is to go to God's work through the local church.

That seems like a big commitment (though as you will see on Sunday through a demonstration we are going to do, it is not as hard as many think). So, the "experiment" part of the Tithe Experiment is that we all commit to tithing together on one day. Just one day, to start with. November 14.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

-On November 14th, everyone together will give 10% of that week's income to God's work at NLC. If you are paid monthly, divide it by four and take ten percent. If you are paid every two weeks, divide it by two and take ten percent. You get the idea.

-Grab a special Tithe Experiment envelope on Sunday, go ahead and write your check or place cash in there and use it as a reminder to be praying for November 14.

-We will celebrate after the fact when we see the potential of all that God could accomplish in and through NLC as a result of this great experiment.

I have been a tither for more than twenty years. Never once has God failed to provide for me, sometimes in near-miraculous ways. I have known joy, freedom, and the security that comes with knowing I am obeying God in this CRUCIAL area of my life.

I want the same for you. The Tithe Experiment on November 14th is a great way to begin a lifetime's adventure of proving God's faithfulness and love.

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