2011 NLC Blog Relaunch

Friday, January 07, 2011
I'm very excited about two upcoming events - an all new NLC website (more info to come soon) and the relaunch of this blog.

I'll post at least three times a week, hitting these topics:

Monday - a recap of Sunday's teaching with more info and application than I have time for on Sunday mornings. Think of it as the "director's cut" with added features or bonus tracks on a CD.

Wednesday - "Inside Next Level" - insider information on what's up behind the scenes at the church.

Friday - something spiritual or devotional in nature - what God is teaching me.

In addition, we'll have video blog posts every couple of weeks and once a month or so a longer production video piece that highlights a ministry or volunteer at Next Level.

Very excited! Starting this coming Monday, make sure you bookmark, add to your RSS feed, or visit frequently!

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