Monday, March 28, 2011
Wow, what a day.

In spite of freezing cold and rain - and the fact that the point of the day was to give a bunch of our money away (!) - NLC folks showed up in droves to celebrate Commitment Sunday for LOVE REVOLUTION. I am so proud of you guys.

We're tallying the results and engaging with people who were not there and who have let us know they plan to give. We're planning on giving you guys initial results in two weeks when the picture is a little clearer. I'm really encouraged by the early returns - and because I know you guys I knew I would be!

Yesterday was all about celebration - and looking at the harvest Jesus is gracious to allow us to participate in.

We looked at John 4:38-42 and saw that:

The Harvest is about PEOPLE - God is preparing hearts and minds to receive his love and grace.

The Harvest is READY - God has prepared hearts and minds to receive his love and grace NOW!

The Harvest is OURS - we get to partner with God in bringing his message of love and grace to the people he has prepared.

This is at the heart of LOVE REVOLUTION.

Thanks to those of you who gave generously yesterday. Thanks to those of you who will give this week online or next week because you were away this week. Thank you.

Finally, I told you why I am going to prison in California next week.

I'll tell the full story for those of you who weren't there on this blog over the next few days...

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