Wednesday, March 23, 2011
I'm excited about a lot this week. FUEL on Wednesday night is always a great time of worship and Communion and tonight I am teaching on the three levels of prayer. Hope you'll be there for that and for a time of particular prayer for LOVE REVOLUTION.

I've been saying that this is the most important stretch in Next Level's history as a church and that's not hype. Neither is it hype to say that I believe THIS SUNDAY may well be the most significant that we have ever had.

It will be amazing to experience together us sacrificing and sharing and making it possible for:

-A fully funded Child Survival Program with Compassion International in Lima, Peru.
-A missionary house providing basic needs and spiritual hope in our near-neighborhood of Springhill.
-A Next Level worship CD drawing disconnected people to God and resourcing churches who want to do that as well.
-Year-round, well-resourced ministry at Rock Rest and Stallings Elementary schools.
-And that's just the start of what LOVE REVOLUTION can accomplish.

So, what can you be doing this week to prepare?

1. Be at FUEL tonight at 7 PM to join us in praying for Sunday.
2. RISK - as you decide on your gift, allow God to take you to places you would never have thought you would go so you can experience the unbelievable blessings that come from generosity.
3. Pray for others as they are making specific commitment decisions.
4. Pray specifically that we would reach our goal of $350,000 given on and for ninety days after this Sunday, March 27.

Together we can - we MUST - ignite a LOVE REVOLUTION in our world.

I can't wait to see what God is going to do!

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