Summer at the Movies

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

This week we will launch Summer at the Movies, a look at the key spiritual themes in this summer's hottest flicks.

It will be a blast - we'll have free fresh popcorn and theatre style candy will also be available.

But it's not all just for fun.

Movies are one of the key ways our culture expresses what is important to our people - our hopes, desires, idols, fears. This plays into our hands as we are showing how the Gospel is relevant to our lives.

In other words, this is the PERFECT series to invite a friend who may have given up on church or think church is not for them. we'll show then each week just how relevant Jesus is and how the Gospel is THE answer to all of our questions, failings, hopes, doubts, and dreams.

As a matter of fact, if you bring a friend this week and they let us know they are a first time guest on the Connection Card, we'll give them a free movie ticket!

Who can say no to that?!?!

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