Sunday Teaching Recap

Wednesday, July 06, 2011
As we wrapped up The Bigger Picture, our series through the book of Daniel, we looked at Daniel's prayer in Daniel 9 as a model of repentance.

Repentance is changing my mind and changing my direction when I realize that I am doing, saying, or thinking something that does not please God.

But it is possible to repent in a way that is shallow.

Shallow repentance is sorry for the consequences, not the sin.
Shallow repentance is being sorry in order to get something I want - a restored relationship, to be off the hook, etc.
Shallow repentance is self-justifying - I think that if I am sorry enough God will be forced to forgive me.

Daniel shows us a better way - Gospel Repentance

-Gospel repentance is from true humility - I understand that my sin is primarily against God, to whom I am accountable.
-Gospel repentance comes from deep love - I realize that the opposite of love is not hatred but rather indifference, and this is why I hurt others. When I realize how much Jesus demonstrated his love for me on the Cross, I am free to love others.
-Gospel repentance leads to absolute focus - I am free to do the two things I was meant to do; love God and love others, with a pure heart!

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