I Got An Anonymous Letter

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
...well not really, because I don't read anonymous letters.

But today's guest blogger is going to remain anonymous.

Now this guest blogger wrote me one of the more encouraging letters I have gotten in a long time.

You see, something extraordinary happened at Next Level Church during our LOVE REVOLUTION campaign. We were trying to raise as much money as possible to give away on March 27 and in the ninety days after. Now times are tough, and we were told to expect at best - at the very best - a pledge fulfillment rate of maybe 60%. More than likely a lot lower. A large church in our area which had received an enormously large pledge total received 30% of what had been promised.

So, what was our rate?


You read that right. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR PERCENT.

The people of Next Level gave MORE than they promised.

Folks, this is absolutely unheard of and I am so proud and humbled.

So, I got this letter from a NLC volunteer with their take on why this happened. I couldn't agree more, so I am going to let that letter take over this blog post:

I have been thinking about NLC's 104% response to the "Love Revolution" fund drive challenge. I am thrilled that we have caught the attention of other churches and charitable organizations nation-wide! We ROCK!!! I also see it as an opportunity to spread the word about our church culture around, simple or profound as it may be. As a member of the congregation, these are some thoughts about what I would say to the curious people about how this happened: three BIG themes that seem to thrive and empower our church family = 1) humility, 2) faithfulness, and 3) integrity.

Humility - Truly, truly, truly, no one of our Pastors or church leaders or any one of the flock is any better or treated differently than any other. We all stand shoulder-to-shoulder in our legion to God. The volunteer staff at NLC loves their jobs and takes it as seriously (but probably more lovingly!) than their "regular" jobs. Our members come from all different backgrounds and you may be served coffee or seated by a construction worker, a millionaire, or a single mom. We are all here because we want to serve and LOVE it!

Faithfulness - God is BIG at Next Level Church. He shows up big during our worship via our awesome worship band - you can feel Him with us! God shows up big in sharing the Good News and having hundreds of people commit their lives to Christ just last year alone!!! He also shows up big by filling our hearts with passion for charity and amazing works of selfless giving. We Witness to God's glory every time we step out in an act of Christian charity and faith.

Integrity - Our church community is made up of regular people. We come from all walks of life, and none of us judge one another. BUT - one thing we have in common is that if we have a goal and we personally make a commitment, then by God, we will do it! *** 104% Giving to our Love Revolution commitment = Yeah, we DID it!! ***

So, I think the reason that Next Level Church is doing some amazing, out-the-box, crazy great things boils down to Love, Humility, Faithfulness and Integrity.

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