CD Release Concert

Tuesday, November 01, 2011
For all those curious, here are all the details you'd want or need for the CD Release Concert.

-It's happening at 6pm on Sunday night, November 13th. (And I would suggest getting there kinda early because we're expecting a ton of people!)

-It's going to feature ALL original songs from the CD "Love Revolution", some of which we sing all the time and a few of which are completely new. It's going to be a big rockin' worship concert, a time to celebrate what God has done and is continuing to do.

-It's going to feature our ENTIRE band, minus a few guys who wish they were in town to be there. There will be two drummers, six guitar players, three bass players, two keyboard players, and six vocalists participating on various songs throughout the night! Just as we use our awesome volunteer musicians every Sunday and for the CD, so it will be for the release concert.

-It's going to be the FIRST place you can pick up a copy of the CD. If you don't come on the 13th, you'll have to wait until the following Sunday to get a physical copy, or until Tuesday the 15th to get a copy on iTunes.

-It's going to feature the best prices you will ever see for the CD. On that night only, a single CD will cost you 8 dollars, OR a bundle of 5 CDs and a t-shirt will cost you only 25 dollars. It's a crazy good deal. (We want it to be possible for anyone to buy multiple copies to give to their friends and family!)

-We want EVERYONE to be there. It will be one of the most exciting and fun and worshipful nights in the history of Next Level Church. It will be packed, hundreds of people gathering to celebrate an amazing God! We don't want you to miss it. We'll see you there!


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