Girls Nite Out

Friday, November 04, 2011
Not a typical blog post title for me, I know.

Hey, one of the best parts of NLC is Girls Nite Out, our event devoted to getting women connected to each other and into Life Groups. It's been a smash hit in its brief life.

(P.S. there's still time to make it to tonight's GNO!)

Girls Nite Out is founded on several premises:

-Women are relational beings and offering them the chance to relate is a really good idea.
-Life is hard for everyone and the life of a woman has its own unique challenges. So LAUGHTER is important and GNO majors on fun.
-Traditional "womens' ministry" can quickly become insiderish. GNO is for ALL women, whether they have been at NLC all six years of our life or whether their first visit was last week.
-Life can be lonely and GNO is committed to the belief that no woman should have to go through life without the support and care of other women.

GNO has seen hundreds of women get involved in Life Groups and grow spiritually and it all begins with a fun, inspirational, highly relational gathering, with the strong leadership of some godly, gifted women who have a heart for other women.

What can beat that?!

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