Home Makeover 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012
The Home Makeovers Net Level Church does are life-changing things for everyone involved, from the top to the bottom.

For those volunteering and working hard and giving their time, we've seen over and over that it is such a rewarding and fulfilling process to be a part of. You get to work together with a huge team to accomplish a goal that's bigger than any one of us. You get to see how God turn bricks and dirt and metal into so much more.

For those receiving the Home Makeover, it redefines life. I've had the pleasure of getting to know the families from the last three Makeovers (in interviewing them and putting together some videos) and it's amazing to see the transformation from the beginning of the process to the end. Sure, the quality of life changes, but there is also an internal change. These families truly can't believe it, not until they see it, that a church would really do all this for them, just because they are sharing the love of an amazing God.

Yesterday, I got to meet this years Home Makeover family for the first time, and it already gives me chills thinking about them walking back into their completed and made-over house. They are awesome people.

A grandmother who is trying her best to take care of two adult daughters and four grandkids while needing help herself.

A mom who works hard as a nurse every day to provide what she can for her kids.

A sweet and smart twelve year old girl who has no idea what's coming her way and is just hoping they get to go to a hotel with a pool.

A bright and happy ten year old boy who loves to learn, loves to play sports, loves his family, and is so excited to "get a new house".

A cute and hilarious five year old boy who is loud, has a huge smile, and is dedicated to making everyone laugh at all times.

After meeting them, I couldn't stop smiling because I was so happy that this was the family Next Level Church was helping with this year's Home Makeover. I absolutely can't wait to see what God does this time.

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