Why I Love The Classics

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
There are not many series that we do that are more fun than The Classics.

Classic rock is loud.

It's fun.

It's timeless.

When you look at some of the songs our band has pulled off in the past, it just makes you shake your head. (Seriously, Bohemian Rhapsody???)

But this weekend, we are doing one of the most epic classic rock songs of all time. It's number one on almost any "Top 100" list you will find.

It's almost untouchable. And we are going there. It's just what we do. We love to pull out all the stops, to do anything we can to disarm people, to let them know that Christians are normal people that love classic rock too, that Next Level Church is a place that they can find and take that next step in their relationship with God.

So what's the song?


See you this weekend!

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