Four Weeks Out

Thursday, July 26, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
I am not teaching at NLC for the next four weeks, and I am so excited about that.

Well, mostly excited. I know that after the first two weeks I will be going nuts, because I flat out love teaching - everything about it - the prep, the study, the finding of stories and glimmers of himself God has put in our culture, its art, its music, its film.

And then the delivery - that is the best part. The being in the moment, seeing people get it, seeing a room come to life because God's truth is getting out there.

But I am so grateful for the break, to recharge and rest, to hang with my sons and get some downtime, to get to think about NLC and where we are going without the next weekend's message tapping on the window of my brain.

Even more than that, I am grateful for the team.

You guys know that NLC is all about and always will be about life together, without pretending that God speaks with one voice and through one personality.

God has brought an incredible team of communicators to NLC whom I get to work with.
Over the next month Dan, Jared, and Mark will all weigh in on this cool series we have worked up - "Prayer: So Easy A Caveman Could Do It".

We are all different and communicate very differently.

Thank God.

Can't wait to get the break and can't wait to hear what God gives the other guys for us all to hear.

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