A time and a place

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
-when you get the news that you've been let go

-when things are a mess at home

-when you are awaiting test results from the hospital

-when the bills are piling up too fast and too high

-when you get the phone call bearing the news that a family member has passed away

For every one of us, there is a time and a place when a community is needed, a time and a place when all you want is to be comforted and to know that someone is praying for you.

This week, we will be starting a new series, "Prayer: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It", and we will be talking about intercessory prayer. Intercession is defined as intervening on behalf of another. Everyone has a time and a place when they will need others to intercede on their behalf. Everyone needs prayer sometime.

Intercessory prayer is just another way that we here at Next Level live out all three of our core values: Giving Ourselves Away by serving one another through prayer, Living Life Together sharing in the highs and comforting through the lows, and Connecting Disconnected People by praying on their behalf.

Be sure to come this weekend and check out this new series.

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