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Monday, July 23, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
Occasionally a Sunday service is freakishly good. In a Sunday morning worship service this might mean that the music was really tight, that the teaching was really good, and perhaps that the coffee was especially fresh. In a Middle School ministry (grades 6-8) this means jumping, singing, babyfood, almost puking, game winning, attentiveness, and retention.

Wi-Fi (pronounced like the wireless internet) is the student ministry at Next Level Church and this past Sunday was one of those Sundays. It had all the necessary components. Students were praising God, having lots of fun, and really learning how God and His Word impacts their lives. Plus there was a babyfood eating contest...

This post is for all of you that may not normally come over to the Student Center on a Sunday morning. Can I just say "Thank You." You guys pray and give financially like nobody else and that is what makes it possible to keep reaching students. This is a critical time of life for students and your generosity has enabled us to help them make wise decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. God is truly using you to do a great thing in students lives!

ps - For all of you that do serve or even venture into the Student Center week in and week out: I think you are the most loving, serving, craziest bunch of volunteer leaders on the planet. I love you guys and I wouldn't rather be doing this with anyone else!

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