Give Love Away Week 2

Friday, September 12, 2008
This is a stretch unlike any other I can remember in a lot of years in ministry.




Way busy.

Did I mention intense?

But God is all over Give Love Away.

This Sunday, both campuses will be focused on the followup to last week's choice: "Am I going to live in the human economy or God's economy, the economy of fear and uncertainty, or the investment-based Economy of love, joy, and freedom?"

On Sunday, we'll talk about the practical how to's of moving from the human economy to God's economy, and I will tell some stories of some amazing things NLC people are doing to live that out.

Worship will rock and the excitement will build for Celebration Sunday on September 21.

We'll have a few extra seats because the Mint Hill Campus folks will be in Stone Creek helping that campus move to two services - so make sure you are there.

I can't imagine missing a single Sunday of the most important series in our history!

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