You're Giving Love Away!

Thursday, September 25, 2008
In six words, way to go Next Level Church!

In spite of the predictions of economic Armageddon.....

In spite of mainstream media using the word "Depression".

In spite of crazy gas prices...

In spite of rampant economic uncertainty...

You are Giving Love Away.

We are still crunching numbers, but the early results from celebration Sunday are really encouraging.

Dozens of you accepted the Four Month Tithe Challenge, which will more than double our existing base of tithers.

Those of you who did that are in for the faith-building experience of a lifetime - way to go!

And nearly $400,000 in cash and pledges has been raised so far.

Many of you were out of town or are waiting on a possession to sell to make your gift. So Give Love Away goes on.

The commitment cards will be available again this Sunday. There is more work to do, more gifts to bring.

But, for now - way to go, Next Level Church!

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