Refrigerator Rights or Someone Please Love Me...I'm Hungry

Friday, September 26, 2008
When I was still in grade school my best friend in the world, Brian Miller, lived five doors down from me.  We did a lot together and when I would get home from school and my parents weren't home yet I would often walk over and hang at his place.  These are some of my fondest memories because of two facts:

1. Brian's mom kept their fridge stocked with a world of goodies.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING contained high fructose corn syrup and probably saturated fat too.
2. There was an open fridge policy.  You didn't have to ask, you could just grab whatever you wanted!

We had what I like to call refrigerator rights.*  This meant that at any time I could go open up his fridge and make myself a sandwich and the same was true for him.  This is real friendship.  Sadly, as we grow older our relationships become encumbered and we slowly poison ourselves with a lack of intimacy.  We develop masks.  We keep people at arms length.  "Stay out of my fridge!" we bark. (well, maybe not that last one...)

So we are starting a season of Life Groups here at NLC.  It's time to stretch ourselves and give some new people refrigerator rights in our homes and gain some rights in a new friend's home.  Don't miss this week as Pastor Todd and I break out some practical suggestions for how to make it happen.  Oh, and read the post below for Todd's take on Life Groups.  Leave it up to me to make everything about food...

*I like to call them refrigerator rights because I heard Craig Groechel call them that in his book It: how to get it and keep it.

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