It's Go Time

Friday, September 19, 2008
I was a competitive runner for a lot of years. And meaning to get back to it, but that's another - ahem - story.

Runners are nervous before a big race and usually mask the nervousness by joking around, laughing loudly, and a lot of excess nervous moving around. Runners milling around a start line are an odd group.

One of my best coaches had a great way off harnessing all of that energy for competitive purposes.

Moments before a race he would gather us around, look each of us square in the eye, and say quietly but with great intensity "OK, guys, it's go time".

Instantly the excess movement stopped. The nervous chatter ceased. A group of goofy guys became athletes, replaying the course we had jogged over the day before or visualizing the sprint around the oval. All focused. All intent. All committed. All ready.


That is what this Sunday is at Next Level, as we hit Commitment Sunday for Give Love Away.

We've been praying and seeking God, asking what we love that we can give up in order to give love away.

Folks have been selling jewelry, tapping into home equity lines, making budget adjustments, emptying piggy banks - all to Give Love Away, making plans and preparations for the scary, wonderful, exhilarating transition from the human economy to God's economy where untold joy and freedom awaits.

And, now, it's go-time. Can't wait to share it with you on Sunday.

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