Mint Hill Campus - Finally Here!

Friday, November 07, 2008
It's been months and more than a few obstacles in the making, but the launch of the Mint Hill Campus is finally here this Sunday!

We'll finally realize the next (and only the next!) phase of our dream - to be one church in now three locations.

Doug Irvin and his team have done an absolutely amazing job getting ready for the big day. Shot glasses and free coffee at Dilworth Coffee. Thousands of mailers offering a free gas card if people come to launch Sunday. Investing and inviting in friends, coworkers, neighbors. Hours and hours of time invested in building sets and storage, selecting and purchasing equipment, cultivating strategic relationships, and praying, praying, praying.

I am incredibly confident and expectant about this Sunday. But nothing is a given. So pray:

-For tons of new people to show up.
-For joy in service for the Mint Hill team.
-For significant, redemptive relationships to begin this Sunday.
-For everything to "work" - music, tech, lights, sound, logistics, set up.

And, most of all...

-For God to connect men, women, and kids to himself!

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