Way To Go, NLC

Friday, November 28, 2008
I am now officially forgoing the obligatory church blog Thanksgiving post to say...


For coming up huge on the first phase of the Give:Love Project...lavishing love on RockRest Elementary by providing a meaningful Christmas gift to each and every one of their 505 students.

We gave the bags out for the first time last Sunday morning.

All but thirty (30) were taken.


First, thanks.

Next, we will have more bags available this weekend because:

-We still have 30 left, and
-Not everyone who took a bag will be able to fill it.

So, take a bag. Let's say we run out of RockRest kids...

We have many other Title 1 schools in Char-Meck and Union we are meant to love.

So, keep it going.

And know that, in terms of giving, NLC is the most amazing church ever!


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