NLC Christmas Schedule

Friday, November 21, 2008
Not sure how to top Jared's musings about huntin' and such, but I gotta let you know how Christmas is going to come down at Next Level.

The stretch from Thanksgiving to New Year's is already my favorite time of the year, but this go round it is going to be even better than usual. Here are the key things for you to know:

1. We think our new auditorium on the Matthews Campus will be FINISHED IN TIME FOR A BLOW OUT CHRISTMAS EVE worship celebration! Can't tell you how excited we are by that.

2. All three of our campuses will come together for worship on Christmas Eve at 7 PM if we are in fact in the new auditorium.

3. If by some chance we do not make it in the new auditorium, we will still have tri-campus worship, we'll just have to have multiple services to accomodate the crowds. In that event, we'll let you know.

4. We will have NO SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE ON DEC 28. Since our Christmas Eve service was is so near to the following Sunday we will be joining other churches around the country to give you a whole weekend to chill with friends and family and maybe even hang with some disconnected friends and get in their normal Sunday morning worlds, since you mostly invite them to ours!

Keep in mind if you are a NLC person the implication of missing a Sunday for financial giving and make plans to give accordingly, The easiest way to do that is simply to give at the Christmas Eve service.

Very excited for this season of new birth as we celebrate the greatest Birth of all time!

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