Friday News and Notes

Friday, May 15, 2009
Excited about these things on this Friday:

-Tamara Jacobs, our Home Makeover host, will be with us in both services on Sunday - so great to have her there!

-Last week in the high school service eleven kids prayed to receive Christ - ELEVEN! And as of earlier this week, nine of those will be baptized this Sunday.

-Remember, BAPTISM this Sunday, after both services - you can be baptized even if you haven't registered...just come with something you don't mind getting wet and participate in one of the most important things a Christ-follower can do to demonstrate their commitment to Him.

-Excited to be finishing the famreality series on Sunday...I'll be bringing it all together by talking about how your family can experience lasting joy. To get ahead, read Exodus 20:12 and Proverbs 23:22-25.

See you Sunday!

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