I've Got Clutter (Jared)

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Cool blog post today. There is nothing critical that hasn't been blogged about already so I get to tell you what God has been teaching me lately.

Our lives are filled with clutter. As americans we fill our garages so full of stuff that we can no longer park our cars in there. And once we fill up the garage we actually pay money to a storage business to hold even more of our junk. We have everything we could ever need and then about 2 tonnes of extra crap.

All of this external clutter is a reflection of an inner reality. Our minds and our hearts are cluttered. We don't have to focus or even interact because we can turn on the tv, car radio, ipod, portable DVD player, and internet. What happens is that over time we begin to disconnect from all of our important relationships and replace them with noise. It's all very much like Fahrenheit 451.

So I made the decision a couple of weeks ago just to turn off the radio in my car on the way to work. I replace the silence with time with God. And it completely changes the tone of my whole day. I am more sensitive to the spiritual things permeating our secular world. It is easier for me to pray for my friends. It is easier to see when they need to be loved and comforted, or challenged. And God is showing me that as a follower of Christ one of the greatest acts of service I can do for anyone is to pray for them. Because prayer changes things. Including me.

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