I Wanna Go Under (Pastor Harrison)

Thursday, May 07, 2009
Every now and again, my brain actually thinks of a great idea entirely on it's own. Like I just open my mouth and there it is, astonishingly hanging in the air to everyone's surprise. (And yes, I find it kind of offensive that everyone is shocked that I actually say something smart... Just because I wonder out loud sometimes about the potential marketability of ice cream soup doesn't make me dumb. It makes me a pioneer.)

Ok. All that to say that Jared and I were filming a video for church yesterday and I stumbled upon a slogan. This never happens to me. I am horrible at sloganizing. (Haha, I really wanted to use the word "sloganizing" even though my spell check suggested "sloganeering". That sounds more like a profession. See, this is how my brain works.) We were filming a short piece about baptism, and I told Jared to say something like, "Take this opportunity to tell your friends and family about your new decision, new direction, and new life in Christ."

Then we both stopped in our tracks. "Write that down," Jared said, and write it down I did, which is the singular reason I remember it to tell you now. But how cool is that idea? Baptism is a way for those who have just started a relationship with God through to publicly announce that their life is going in a different direction, all because of Jesus and His cross.

If you're a follower of Christ and you've never been Baptized, then that could be your next step in your relationship with God. Here is the good news: two Sundays from now we will be baptizing people right after the 11am service. It's gonna be an awesome time, so if you want to be a part of it, be sure to sign up by emailing pastor Jared Kirk at jared.kirk@gmail.com, and tell him "I want to be baptized!"

New Decision.

New Direction.

New Life in Christ.

Baptism May 15th!

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